Saturday, July 17, 2010

Who's Gettin' Fixed??

Hey, whaddup? I'm 8 months old, weigh 8 pounds, and Mom's books say I'm a teenager! Whatever......There's a lot of talk in our house about whether or not to get me fixed. Tell you the truth, I didn't know I got broked. Dad has bad knees, and mom's back hurts sometimes, so you'd think they'd be getting fixed, 'stead of me, but who can tell about peoples? And they're all bothered because I'm marking. Hello! I don't have thumbs; how am I gonna hold a pencil or one of mom's paint brushes to mark? Anywho, I'm sure they'll let me know what they decide about who gets fixed.

Oh yeah, and Shawn and Sadie came to see me! Sadie is a beagle with sad, pretty eyes; she's 7 years old, which is middle aged, and she's patient with me, except once or twice when she snapped at me and said "Go away, kid, you bother me!" I fall in love with all dogs, even the older gals (Or boys, no I'm not that way; I'm just practicin' my technique on whoever shows up!)............and sometimes my moose. Haven't found anyone who's as interested as I am yet, but I am not givin' up. Mom's been trying to get me into some obedience classes. I don't have a clue why, I do what she says if I'm not too busy; the only ones she found were already started, so we'll have to wait till the next round begins. I figure maybe I'll meet some babes there.

And you're not even gonna believe this, but last week, right out of the blue, 3 loud, sweaty guys showed up and pulled out most of our carpet and took it away and put down a slip-n-slide floor in its place! I wonder if Mom knew they were gonna do that......I miss my old carpet. It was all soft and smushy, and a guy could stretch out on it for a nap after supper, and it made a great napkin, too, for wiping your whiskers, and best of all, if you didn't feel like going outside to pee you could just slip behind a chair, and nobody would know.....usually. The new floor is shiny and hard, and sometimes when I get the zoomies and race around the house at 90 miles an hour, I totally lose it on the corners. Good thing there's still carpet in the bedrooms; hope the sweaty guys don't come back for that!

It's still waaay too hot here to play outside in the daytime. Mom said she brought me home in February and that it was really cold. I think I like cold weather best, and she might buy me a bomber jacket this winter; I can hardly wait for the girls' reactions when they see me decked out like a fighter pilot. Hooyah!

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