Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Zentangles, Scribbles and Doodles

Just a quickie post to show you some scribbles I've been doing. I had seen the Zentangles online, but didn't realize how popular they were. There are even classes and workshops where people receive their Masters in the art of Zentangle. Well, I don't think I'll take any classes, but Annette has been showing us hers, and I still have drawing pads and micron and gel pens from my scribblings way back when and started playing with them at night while watching TV. It's the same kind of doodling we all do while we're on the phone but maybe with a little more focus.

White gel pen on black card stock.

I've been making some note cards with the Zentangles.

And these are some of my scribblings from several years ago:

Believe it or not, the Calvin and Hobbes cartoons about snowmen inspired me to draw snowmen for a while. These last 3 were the most fun. You don't draw any lines at all, just start out making dots to shape images.

There was a story, many years ago, about a girl who married into the family who owned Speidel, and she was so enthralled with the love she felt in her new family that she designed a line of jewelry called "I Am Loved". When I drew this painting, I had just married Jim, and for the first time in a long time, maybe in forever, I felt loved and protected. I wanted it to look as if I'd drawn the words into the moisture on the window panes.

Marley loves it when I draw because he can sit on the recliner footrest and sleep.
We're glad you stopped by.
cat & Marley

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