Saturday, July 18, 2009

A peek inside my kitchen

I want to thank those of you who have signed up to follow my blog, especially since I don't know where we're going yet. I guess that's the problem with having so many interests; I like to take photos, do crafts, decorate my home, read, paint with traditional paints and with digital brushes, grow things, write, study any number of things like psychology and Taoism, collect things (sort of), etc., etc. So, I've decided to dabble in lots of topics here at the beginning till something "feels" right and then take that path.

Today I wanted to show you one little corner of my kitchen where the baker's rack stands. I would like to have a larger one, but the kitchen has so many windows that there's not much wall space. I'm in the process of making some decorating changes; I'll share those with you as they evolve.

My nephew, Shawn, once told me that I have so many cool things in my house, but that I need to come up with better stories than saying they came from garage sales; just between you and me, though, that wire chicken & eggs, the tassels, and most of the rolling pins were bought at garage sales for next to nothing. The idea of putting twinkle lights in the glass canisters was shamelessly borrowed from my friend, Sybil, who used to be a buyer for M.M. Cohn and has lots of good decorating ideas.

I've got some Fiestaware dishes there as well. My whole kitchen is filled with Fiesta. I don't collect it, but I have a hard time not buying it when I see it. Does that mean I'm collecting? I have 3 cabinets full of it, one in cool shades of blues and greens, another with warm colors like red, yellow & orange, and a third where some dramatic colours are gathering, like black, chocolate and lilac. Mine is mostly contemporary; I got interested late in the game, and the vintage pieces are astronomical. We saw a chipped vintage lilac dinner plate at Canton for $300.

Most silk flowers that I see around are too chintzy to decorate with, but Hobby Lobby has some fairly good ones, (of course I wait till they're 50% off) and I go with Sybil to wholesale houses where they have the really good stuff, which is where I got the ceramic vase that looks like horns and the flowers I arranged in it. And that's a little peek at some of my decorating.

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