Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I got word today that the mural is hung, but when I was painting the panels on my computer, I envisioned it being hung in the entrance to the Rainbow Casino in Vicksburg, MS, and that someone involved with it would send me photos of the finished piece. Turns out, it was hung in the gaming area, which operates 24/7, and no photos are allowed there. So, I'll post some of the 12 panels here, and Jim & I are headed down to Vicksburg Thursday, just want to see it for myself.

They had a certain look in mind, but otherwise I was given fairly free rein, using the reference photos (taken by renowned photographer Jack Robinson) of vintage roadside scenes along the highway heading into Vicksburg. At one point, though, I thought that it needed some cotton bolls and cotton fields, which to me represent the rural South back in the day. I was informed, in no uncertain terms, that there would be no cotton in any of these images! I guess cotton means different things to different folks............. I worked on it, off and on, for about 6 months, and now that it's done, I would like to start over and do some things differently, but that's how I feel about most everything I paint. The mural is said to be 96 feet long and 8 feet high. Each of the files is huge, the largest one being 250 MB, which is bigger than the hard drive on my first computer, but I've whacked 'em way down to post here, and for now they'll have to do, until I can figure out a way to get photos of the mural.................


  1. Oh these are brilliant ive waited for ages to see these and it was worth the wait , great job makes me think of Happy Days and Fonzie lol all those old signs i used to see in those old shows , ahh route 66 just jumped into my mind , remember Troy Donohue well if it does this for me imagine the patrons lol

    hugz bev

  2. Surely they will make an exception to their no photos rule for the artist... just take your camera and ask.

    By the way, your songlist could be MY OWN! We never agreed on movies, but it seems we have nearly identical taste in music. Go figure...