Tuesday, September 1, 2009

We're home!

I posted more vacation photos at http://www.pbase.com/catbounds/rosemary_beach_florida

I'm not sure how many days by the ocean it would take for me to walk away without regret or longing, but 8 isn't the magic number. On our eleven hour drive home, we were already making lists of things we wanted to do next time and stuff we forgot to bring. Maybe we can go back next August, when most of the tourists are gone.

Our condo was very reasonably priced (fall rates after August 21) and had 2 bedrooms, 2 bunk beds, and a sleeper sofa and 2 baths, so we had plenty of room. Jim, who's a TV junkie, loved that it had 3 TVs. I loved that it had a great kitchen. I like to eat out occasionally, but for the most part I like cooking my own meals, and we cooked fresh seafood 3 nights and ate most of our breakfasts & lunches there. I discovered a fish called Scamp! Omigosh! It's my new favorite fish, but I won't be able to find it again until we go back to Florida.

I didn't get sunburned (this time), but then I'm not much of a sun worshiper these days. I loved to get up in the mornings and walk along the beach, taking photos, finding shells, just enjoying the Gulf breeze and watching the gulls. Then Jim and I would go find something fun to do during the day, and after dinner (we're early birds and eat dinner around 5 PM) I would be back on the beach to swim and watch the amazing sunsets........................

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