Saturday, February 20, 2010

Interview with Marley

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My first 2 weeks with Mom and Dad have gone pretty well. Yeah, mom started out saying she wasn't going to be a dog's mama, but she gave in pretty fast. I think my name is Marley, but she also calls me her "woobie". Maybe that's my middle name. Dad calls me a lot of things in his big voice, and I don't always know if he's being funny or mad. He lies down in the floor and lets me romp all over him till I start biting. What else is a puppy s'pose to do?

There's a lot of exitement over where I go potty. They seem to like it best when I do it on the pads in the kitchen; when I do it on the carpet, they stop being happy. Dogs are always happy; I wonder why people aren't. I don't know what they do with the poo when they take it away. Maybe I don't want to know. They ask me a million times a day if I "need go potty". Get a life, people! I'm workin' on muscle control here! When I remember to go on the pads, mom gives me a taste of peanut butter. Oh my goodness! Have you ever had peanut butter? If I were a people, it's all I would ever eat! Hold on a minute, there's something scary in the corner.............I have to bark at every scary thing or else it might steal the peanut butter.

Yesterday I forgot and started peeing on the carpet in the computer room, and mom grabbed me up with her hand over my pee-pee, and as she ran through the living room, she said to Dad, "If someone had told me a month ago that I'd be running through the house with a handful of dog pee, I would have called them nuts!" She wasn't mad at me, though.

That mom of mine is soooo beautiful! Not beautiful like a dog and maybe not even as a people, but I sit at her feet while she's on the computer and gaze at her. What a babe! I love Dad, too, but mostly for his shoes! I kid you not, his old house slippers smell heavenly! I try to stuff my whole body, head first, into them. Mom wears shoes, too, but hers are nothing to write home about, if you know what I mean.

Mom and Dad are slightly bonkers about clean. It wasn't such a big deal over at Peggy's house where I was born, but everyday Mom brushes my hair and washes my face, ears, paws and privates. She has even started brushing my teeth, which isn't so bad 'cause I eat the toothpaste. I try to eat everything I can find. I found a big, crusty dead bug in the yard yesterday, and it tasted nice, but mom took it away from me; I guess she likes bugs, too. She gave me a dandelion instead, which didn't taste nearly as good but was fun to eat, and she laughed because I had yellow petals stuck in my whiskers. So, that's how things are going. They're doing a fairly good job taking care of me. Mom reads a lot about dogs on the internet and in books. I guess she's trying to get smart as me.

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  1. Marley is a darling...and I can tell he is doing a good job training you and Jim. I loved this, Cat.