Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Green Monster, Silk Potty Pads, and a Girl!

"Until you have loved an animal, a part of your soul remains unawakened."

Hi! Things have really picked up around here since it got to be spring. I've gained 2 pounds in 11 weeks (even though Mom says I don't eat enough), I'm completely potty trained, have showed the Vac Monster who's boss, and had a play date with a girl. Life is pretty good.

Potty training wasn't half as hard as it looked at first. All I had to do was figure out where Mom and Dad wanted me to go. Sometimes they'll throw in a different kind of pad, like the blue silk pillow Mom had in her recliner, but ya can't fool me. When she put it on the floor, I knew just what to do and tinkled on it, a lot! She didn't seem all that happy, though, and the blue pad went away. I guess she was tired of it. Come to think of it, the same thing happened with the furry comforter thingy she puts at the foot of the bed at night..........Mom likes to decorate. Anyway, since the weather's so amazing, I would rather go outside. Pads for for sissies!

The Vac Monster lives in his own tiny room and only comes out once or twice a week when Mom follows him around the house. He's big, really big, ugly and green and has one yellow eye that glows, and a long skinny tail, and he roars at me! If I wasn't so brave, I'd run hide under the bed when he comes out, but I growl and bark and pounce at him and pull on his tail. Mom doesn't mind, but if Dad's home, he says Hush, Marley! in his big voice. I guess he likes the Monster more than me.

When people friends came over for supper the other night, I didn't much care; Mom and Dad are the only people I want to hang out with, but when I saw they brought their dog, Haven, I peed on myself I was so excited!! Wahoo! At last I had someone my size to play with! And she was real pretty, with a bow in her hair and all, but guess what..... She doesn't know she's a dog! I'm serious as a train wreck, her mom and dad said she doesn't play. Say WHAT? I thought all dogs played. But sure enough, she ran from me the whole evening, even though I smiled and sniffed and rolled and tried to show her how to play. All she did was pee on my toys and growl at me when she stole my bone. Maybe it's because she's an older woman; mom said she's 3 years old. That must be like 95 in dog years, poor ol' thing.

Maybe there will be other dogs in my future, ones that like to play, but for now Mom and Dad play with me a lot. I get Cheerios when I do stuff like jumping through a hoop, sitting (big deal), or chasing the ball. I have to bring it all the way back to Dad, but Mom grades on the curve and will give me Cherrios for just about anything I do that's cute. I'm really good at cute.

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