Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How I See It

Mom is persnickety about keeping the house looking all nice and pretty, but I guess she never thought about how it looks from 6 inches off the floor. Let me tell you, it could use a lot of decoratin' down here!
This is how her desk chair looks to me:

And you wanna talk art? Here are some of Mom's paintings over the sofa.

Now that the weather is beautiful, I would love to go outside all by myself, but the door handles are about 17 miles away!

The treats might as well be on the roof as far as I'm concerned.

I love playing in Mom's closet, lots of interesting smells in there and enough shoes to keep a puppy happy forever.

People go potty in the cool white things. Maybe when I'm a big boy, they'll let me go there, too.

Mom bought me a bed. It makes her happy to buy me stuff, but I won't sleep in it.

I'd rather sleep beneath her computer desk or in my trusty ol' crate.

This is my moose. His name is Moose, and he's my favorite toy. He looked better when he was new and had sewn-on eyes. Mom doesn't know what happened to them. Mostly I win when I fight him.

The view under the dinner table isn't much, either, and if you ever come to visit, do not chew on the furniture, especially the old dark table that belonged to Dad's mother!

You'll get fussed at, and Dad will be in a bad mood and won't throw the ball for you to chase.

The flowers in Mom's garden are just about the right height for biting; apparently there's a difference between weeds and flowers......... When you come over, don't bite either one, just to be on the safe side.

Here are Dad's feet; they're really ticklish. Maybe that's why he keeps 'em stuck way up there.

Anyway, maybe this gives you some idea of how the world looks from a puppy's point of view. Next year, when I'm big, things will be a lot different around here.

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  1. Well I put my comment in the wrong place. The puppy is adorable. I used to write a lot from my dog's point of view. Thanks for sharing Marley with us.
    Love you