Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Belly Fat after "a certain age"

About a week ago, I joined a site called SparkPeople (strange name but awesome resources and support). I started a blog there, and I've decided to share some of it here:

This is something I never had to worry about much when I was younger. If I kept my weight within a healthy range, my figure looked grrrreat! But here at "a certain age", I find that fat likes to collect around my mid-section, whether I'm up or down 10-20 pounds (the same 10-20 pounds I've played around with for a lifetime). And it's more than just wanting to look good in my clothes (which I do want with all my heart). Waist to hip ratio is an indicator of how likely we are to stay healthy and has been related to catastrophic diseases like cancer and heart disease. This ratio can signal problems, even if your BMI is in the healthy range. (OMG!) After menopause, women are much more likely to gain fat around their mid-sections. There are lots of "waist-to-hip" ratio calculators online. Just Google them to find one you like to work with and bookmark it.

My ratio right now is .87, which they say makes me an "avocado" and is healthier than an "apple" but not as healthy as a "pear". I'm over 50, and I don't smoke; I may have a glass of wine or a light beer once or twice a week, and my jeans are a size 4, 6, or 8, depending on the brand and where I am with the 10-20 pounds. I lead a sedentary life, working a good deal at my computer at home.

Soooo, I decided to share my progress in beating the battle of the midriff bulge. I've been researching online, but of course that's complicated by all the ads that want to sell me magic pills and magical 3 minute workouts that will solve the problem. I've been around the block a time or two, and I've learned that there's not a quick and dirty way to lose any type of weight. I've looked into how the Glycemic Index and Estrogen Dominance affect belly fat, along with some other studies I'll be sharing. I'm getting back into water aerobics and cardio floor classes at the fitness center near my home. I'm also walking on my treadmill and using my Ab Cruncher for 100 daily crunches, even though studies show that ab crunching is not the way to get rid of tummy fat. I figure it can't hurt to firm things up a bit, anyway. I've also ordered a book and some nutrients that I will share here once I've had a chance to check them out. I'm enjoying the SparkPeople site immensely. I've got almost every nutrient listed in my nutrition page so I can check them daily against my food intake. I eat very, very healthy, but I'm a carbo-holic, and I fall off the wagon sometimes. Wish me luck in my latest quest!

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  1. We seem to be in the same boat rowing as hard as we can...good luck.
    Ann Roberts