Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wine Holders

I'm not a true wine connoisseur. Well, let's be perfectly honest, I wouldn't know fine wine from Kool Aid. The wines that are expensive, the ones that our friends Mike & Jenny say are the best and that they keep in their special wine refrigerator, taste simply yucky to me. When I've been given a glass of the precious, rare liquid, I've sat and smiled and taken tiny sips and wondered how in the world can they love this wicked tasting stuff so passionately? I do like the taste of a few sweet wines, like Wiederkehr Niagara (made in Altus, Arkansas) and some blackberry wine that my friend Sybil brought over, but I'm not a fun wine drinker, either. Most people can sip wine all evening and get funnier and cuter with each glass. One glass is my absolute limit, and it doesn't make me funny or cute, just sleepy and wanting to go off in a corner and take a nap. And after one glass, forget about it, I just might as well go to the bathroom and drape my arms around the toilet, with a 75% chance of a major migraine the next day. So, all in all, wine (make that all alcohol) really isn't big on my agenda.

Wine holders and wine carriers are another thing, though. I've always been drawn to them, and have sewn some gorgeous little sparkly wine stockings to carry bottles to friends' homes on special occasions. The carriers can work really well for other purposes than holding wine. Here are a few that wouldn't listen when I told them that I wasn't going to buy them:

The moment I saw the one that now has guest towels in it, I thought how perfect for the guest bath! Nobody has ever used a towel from it. Maybe I should put a sign on it that says, "These are for using." But they look pretty cool, anyway.

The long one that I've hung in my walk-in closet works well for holding the little beaded and velvet purses that I carry when all I want with me are keys, license, credit card and some cash. It actually looks better than it does here, but it's in my closet, so unless I drag someone in there to look, nobody sees it but me.

The two basket carriers were supposed to hang on the shepherd's hook in a flower bed, which darlin' hubby is currently using to hold his hummingbird feeders. Eventually, I think they'll look really good with tall planters or vases in them.

And then there are those paper board ones. They're all so pretty I've had to draw the line at 3, and they're on top of my kitchen cabinets.

I think there are more; these are just the ones I thought of when I grabbed my camera. They're fun, even if wine isn't............


  1. Those are beautiful. Strange, but I never thought of using them for anything like this.

    There is a small winery at Natchez, MS that makes the most absolutely fantastic muscadine wine. They name it things like "Miss Scarlett" and that is my favorite, but like you, I am not a wine addict..or any other alcohol but do like the taste of this one. They grow their own muscadines and harvest them and we used to go over and watch the harvesting and then the making of the wine and they always give visitors a sample.

    Didn't mean to write a book. Wonder if you really know how much a lot of us enjoy your blog?

  2. Hi, dear friend. I like visiting wineries, too. Thanks so much for letting you know you enjoy the blog; some days I think I might be talking to myself, but that hasn't stopped me yet :)

  3. I hope this is not too irreverent. I read the part about what happens after your second glass of wine. We used to refer to that happenstance as "worshipping the porcelain god". That is what you utter..."Oh God" while it is happening. Great blog...

  4. Those are beautiful wine holders. How I wish I could have this with my Wine Glasses so it can be a complete collection of mine.