Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Writing Haiku

I remember spring
Life waiting to be tasted,
Autumn came so soon!
This is a haiku I wrote a couple of years ago, one that has been posted with my painting at Innographx forum. My friend, Bev Langby, sent me a beautiful haiku she had written this week and got me thinking about them again.
Writing any kind of poetry is good for the brain cells as well as for the spirit. Remember how it's done? Haiku poems are usually about nature, don't rhyme, and have 17 syllables in 3 lines of 5, 7, & 5. In keeping with the brevity of haiku, I'll keep this post brief, but I thought you might like to try your hand again (or for the first time) at creating a haiku.

Here's Bev's haiku:
Butterflies flying
Birds singing all around me
Makes life joyfull free......


  1. oh im glad u dug out your old one, its funny how we find things at different times in our lives, i suppose we find them when we are ready for them , a friend on redbubble got me into it and now im obsessed lol im glad mine reminded u of yours and im honoured u posted it on your new blog,shame on me my blog has been sitting unused for 12 months, im stunned its been that long lol

  2. Hi there. This was fun but not easy. I tried to make a haiku on nature but it just did not happen.
    Here is my attempt....

    Stored in the hearts of us all
    Live on forever.

    My favorite music on your player is #28 IZ. Love that guy. I have played it three times while writing this.