Sunday, June 28, 2009

Buzz Pro

Here are some Day Lilies in my yard (They've been gorgeous this year, bursting out all over) and bird cages I've collected that are currently living on my screened-in deck (just the cages, no birds). I was playing around with the Buzz Pro filter on them. I've been using Buzz Pro for preliminary prep of photos for years; I love how it creates a look that's beautiful enough to sign and hang or serves as the beginning for a brush painting, and I was soooo disappointed when I learned that the company who created it, Fo2Pix, had closed up shop. Then I discovered that an artist friend of mine, Stephen LeQuier, has their final version, v3, on his site as a free download!

Stephen (Trimoon in the forums) does both beautiful photography and digital art, and he offers his tutorials for sale. If you go there to download Buzz Pro, be sure and spend some time looking at all he has to offer. I use Buzz Pro as a PhotoShop filter, but I think it works in several other photo editing programs. It works especially well on nature photos, and it's also a good way to salvage photos that didn't quite develop the way you wanted them to, just turn 'em into art.

Today I added music to my Blog (thanks, Bev). If you'd rather not listen, just click it off. It has been a restful Sunday. I'm enjoying blogging for the moment, a different focus, and now I think I'll go work on a crossword puzzle. They seem to sharpen my thinking.


  1. I am so enjoying reading your blog...just keep it coming. Dave and I were both just discussing how much we were going to enjoy your new book too...someday...maybe! The music adds a nice did you know those were all my favorite songs?

  2. ahh i finally see the old cages without birds lol they look beautiful and "Buzz Pro" still confuses me lol

    hugz bev